The Virgin Islands Board of Education established five (5) standing committees to oversee the duties of the Board, as well as two (2) Ad Hoc Committees:

  • Policies, Rules and Regulations
  • School Plants and Facilities
  • Public/Private Liaison
  • Professional Staff Certification & Higher Education
  • Finance Committee- Scholarship & Collections
  • Internal Controls Ad Hoc Committee
  • Legislative Liaison Ad Hoc Committee
  • Executive Committee

All standing committees meet at regular intervals. Furthermore, the Board has an Executive Committee comprised of the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and Secretary.

The responsibilities of each standing committee is as follows:

Policies, Rules and Regulations

  • Researches and writes all school policies
  • Drafts policies for committee’s review, public comment and full Board approval
  • Committee Members: Winona A. Hendricks, Chair(,
    • Terrence T. Joseph, Shawna K. Richards, and Kyza A. Callwood


School Plants and Facilities Committee

  • Oversees all Department of Education buildings inclusive of all schools and administrative office buildings in the Territory
  • Conducts regular site visits to provide recommendations for repairs and improvements.
  • Committee Members: Emmanuella Perez-Cassius – Chair (
    • Nandi Sekou, Esq., Winona A. Hendricks, Angel L. Bolques, Jr.


Public/Private Liaison

  • Identifies strategies to engage the community and education stakeholders in the Board’s programs
  • Forms partnerships with the private sector to promote the goals and visions of the board through activities such as radio appearances and town hall meetings
  • Committee Members: Angel L. Bolques, Jr. – Chair (
    • Terrence T. Joseph, Emmanuella M. Perez- Cassius, Jeanette Smith Barry


Professional Staff Certification & Higher Education

  • Reviews the credentials of professional staff to ensure each candidate is qualified for certification in accordance to the Board’s policies
  • Sponsors courses and workshops that provide materials for professional staff applicants seeking certification
  • Committee Members:Jeanette Smith-Barry - Chair (
    • Judy M. Gomez, Esq., Winona A. Hendricks, Angel L. Bolques, Jr.


Finance Committee - Scholarship and Collections 

  • Advise the Board on executing awards policies for undergraduate and graduate programs
  • Develop, review and recommend for consideration by the Board, policies and regulations concerning scholarship awards criteria and application procedures
  • Monitor labor trends and recommend amendments to legislation concerning scholarships
  • Develop, review and recommend policies, procedures and regulations concerning loan applications, awards and debt collections
  • Review scholarship applications and recommend candidates to receive scholarships and loans
  • Committee Members: Shawna K. Richards – Chair (
    • Members: Judy M. Gomez, Jeanette Smith Barry


Internal Control Ad-Hoc Committee 

  • In conjunction with the Executive Director, serve as the Board's liaison with the Office of the Inspector General and or all other public or private auditors approved by the Board. However, the Executive Director shall have primary responsibility to interface with the Office of the Inspector General.
  • Conduct investigations and hearings and recommend decisions to the Board pertaining to ethics violations, labor relations, and Human Resources issues. pursuant to VIBE's By-laws, and policies and in accordance with federal and territorial laws.
  • Develop, review and recommend for consideration by the Board due process procedures, standards and guidelines for considering employee and Board member grievances and complaints
  • Develop, review and recommend for consideration by the Board, VIBE operational guidelines, labor relations and Human Resources policies.
  • Develop, review, and recommend for consideration by the Board all policies related to conducting internal audits and internal controls.
  • Monitor corrective action plans implemented in response to external audits and reviews conducted by any government or private agency.
  • Recommend requests for public and/or private audits.
  • Review audit reports and prepare corrective action plans in response to external audits.
  • Committee Members: Judy M. Gomez, Esq. – Chair (
    • Kyza A. Callwood, Emmanuella M. Perez-Cassius


Legislative Liaison Ad-Hoc Committee 

  • Draft and update a legislative agenda for consideration and approval by the Board.
  • Coordinate with Board committees regarding recommendations for legislative revisions.
  • Coordinate relations between the Board and the Virgin Islands Legislature.
  • Draft positions on proposed legislation for consideration and approval by the Board, as needed
  • Monitor and provide recommendations for code compliance.
  • Coordinate the timely preparation and submittal of reports to the Legislature.
  • Committee Members: Nandi Sekou, Esq. – Chair (
    • Terrence T. Joseph and Shawna K. Richards


Executive Committee

  • Provide oversight of the budget development process and conduct budget-based program reviews in conjunction with the Director of Business and Finance.
  • Develop, review and recommend changes to the Virgin Islands Code concerning Board operations and finances.
  • Supervise the Executive Director to assure the acts of the Board are executed, and it keeps the members informed of issues on the local and national level.
  • Committee Members: Kyza A. Callwood, Chair (
    • Winona A. Hendricks, Vice-Chair and Shawna K. Richards, Secretary