The matter should be addressed promptly at the Department of Education level. The process that should be followed if a person is going to appeal a case to the VIBE is dependent on the person having first exhausted all administrative remedies. These include:

  • A hearing with the Principal
  • A decision meeting with the Insular Superintendent
  • The right to appeal the results to the Commissioner of Education
  • The person then has thirty (30) days to appeal the Commissioner's findings to the Board of Education
  • The appeal of the Commissioner's findings to the Board must be done through a written notarized letter
  • The Board then has thirty (30) days to hear the appeal. After hearing the appeal, the Board renders its findings as soon as possible.
  • At the hearing, the person has the right to bring an attorney or any witnesses that he or she wishes to testify. The person is also allowed to ask questions of the Department of Education's witnesses at that time, either through his or her attorney or by the person as the Appellant.
FAQ Category: VIBE